We chose Vejen

Stories about why people chose to live in Vejen Municipality.

We chose Vejen

Building plots

In Vejen Municipality you can buy a municipal building plot, that matches the house of your dreams.
This link is to the Danish version of the website.

Byggegrunde-løbende salg


With your home in Vejen you live right in the center of Southern Denmark. Here we have affordable house prices and a good safe everyday life for the whole family.


Newcomer guide

Do you need help to find information on moving til Vejen Municipality? Contact Hanna.


On this website

On this website, you will find information about the many opportunities for a good safe everyday life for the whole family in Vejen Municipality


Website in English

Some of the pages in the Danish version of this website is not translated. You can go to the Danish version of the website and use an automatic translation (at the top).


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