We make a difference

We have plenty of space in Vejen Municipality and a firm belief that anything is possible.

We are situated right in the centre, no matter whether you've to go to Esbjerg, Kolding, Hamburg, Aarhus or Odense, and our local community is characterised by initiative and independence.

We have plenty of unspoiled countryside, which bears witness to the central role played by the area through thousands of years of Danish history - from the Bronze Age through the introduction of democracy to the present day, where Vejen Municipality is enjoying considerable growth.

We are a community that builds on commitment and the will to make a difference. Would you like to join us?

The municipality covers an area of 814.36 km², and we are just over 43,000 people live in Vejen Municipality. We also have room for you.Video på Youtube - Videopræsentation af kultur- og naturoplevelser i Vejen