Drama and dance


If you're interested in drama and dance, there are plenty of possibilities in Vejen Municipality. You can read about some of these here, but by no means all of them. We hope this brief overview will inspire you to seek additional information elsewhere. 

Sløjdscenen is Askov Amateur Theatre. It's a drama society and cultural meeting place for anyone who's interested. Amateur directors hold educational drama courses for groups of children of all ages: from the grade zero group to the youth group (grades seven to ten).

Read more on Sløjdsscenen' own website (in Danish).

Studio 73
Studio 73 offers a wide range of activities, ranging from backstage assistance to onstage artistry - in other words everything from stage design, prop construction, light and sound work and costume sewing, through choir, orchestra and big band, to puppet theatre, revue and acting roles for children, young people and adults, and - not least - concerts with well-known musicians - in short: a music and culture centre, in all modesty.

Since the very beginning, countless people have been involved in the productions in one way or another, either behind the scenes, on stage or in the audience. Several have even used the society as a springboard to a career in theatre.

Read more on Studie 73's own website (in Danish). 

Become a Viking in the Jels Viking Pageant
Jels Viking Pageant has staged an exciting performance at the open-air amphitheatre in Jels every summer since 1977. Over the years, thousands of people from far and wide have been enthralled by the bloody, to-the-death sword fights, the passionate romance and the colourful pageantry of hundreds of amateur players. The Viking Pageant has grown into one of the region's leading cultural institutions, thanks not least to the impressive drive, steadfast determination and enthusiasm of the players.

A group of professionals are affiliated each year. Besides the professionals, about 100 players take the stage each year. Not only in leading roles, the main speaking parts, but also as the many warriors and shield-maidens who help supplement the action on stage and are essential for creating the perfect atmosphere.

Many children take the stage - children of all ages in fact. Being a Viking is an unforgettable experience. For some, it's even become a way of life. For quite a few of the Vikings are so smitten that they live on the steadily growing campsite close to the open-air amphitheatre.

Read more about becoming a Viking on Jels Viking Pageant's own website (in Danish).

Dance Stuidie

Offers dance classes in Vejen. Read more on Dance Studie's own website (in Danish).


Offers dance classes in Gesten. Read more om SK-Dans' website (in Danish).