Sports centres and halls


There are plenty of local sports clubs in Vejen Municipality. Sports facilities include large centres in Holsted, Brørup, Vejen and Rødding and a number of smaller halls and club premises spread throughout the municipality. The facilities provide the framework for a wide range of activities within indoor and outdoor sports.

In addition, there are swimming halls in Vejen and Rødding, open-air swimming baths in Brørup and lakeside swimming facilities in Jels. You can view a list here  (in Danish).

The four largest centres are outlined in the following. You can view a complete list of halls and sports centres here  (in Danish). The geographical location of sports halls in Vejen Municipality is shown on the map on the right.

Vejen Sports Centre (VSC) is almost always buzzing with life. Children and adults can try their hand at virtually anything their heart desires, including fitness, squash, swimming, jump and rhythmic gymnastics, step aerobics, football, handball, table tennis, karate and much more besides. Read more on VSC's own website (partly in English).
VSC is one of Denmark's leading sports centres and is also a venue for exhibitions and major sporting events.

Vejen Athletics Stadium provides the opportunity of practicing various track and field disciplines. It provides attractive surroundings for running, high jumping, long jumping and javelin throwing. And if you prefer hammer, shot-put or discus, you can practice those too. There's also a football pitch and plenty of other possibilities for exercise around the stadium. The new athletics stadium is situated beside Vejen Sports Centre and Vejen High School.

Rødding Centre  is an active meeting place in Rødding. There's a swimming hall with 25-metre, six-lane competition pool and mini water world with flume. There's also a bowling centre, library, cinema, fitness centre and two sports halls of international standard. The various sports on offer include sub-aqua, badminton, gymnastics, zumba, triathlon training and many others. Read more on Rødding Centre's own website (in Danish).

Brørup Halls are situated in the centre of Brørup and feature a community centre and sports halls. The halls are used by clubs offering gymnastics, badminton, football and handball, and also houses Brørup Fitness Club.

Medius situated in the centre of Holsted, midway between the area around the station and the area to the north. Medius is an ultra-modern centre featuring twin hall, multipurpose hall, fitness centre, meeting rooms, library, before/after-school care facilities (SFO), youth club and basement shooting range among many other things. Read more on Medius' own website (in Danish).