Vejen building plots

Dreaming of building your own home, of deciding all the details yourself? Then we've got the ideal plot. Build your dream home at an affordable price in Vejen Municipality. We have many attractive new-build plots, both municipal and private, spread throughout the municipality.

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How to buy a building plot

Have you found the perfect municipal plot in Vejen Municipality, we wil gladly help you. There are several information, you need, when buying a building plot.

You can contact citizen service on mail:

How to get a building permit

You need to have a building permit, if you are to build a house. It is the municipality that decides if you can get a building permit. On the Danish website 'Byg & Miljø' can help you to apply for a building permit.

Look here to see how 'Byg & Miljø' can help you apply  for building permit. (The website is in Danish)

Building plots in several of the towns and villages in Vejen Municipality

You can read more about the various towns and villages in Vejen Municipality in the Danish version of this website