Jobs in The Triangle Region

Businesses in The Triangle Region thrive in all sorts of fields, but in four areas we particularly excel, thanks to our geography and history.

  • Transport & Logistics: Our location makes the Triangle Region to the obvious home for transportation and logistics companies. E.g. K. Hansen Transport and Niels Pagh Transport in Vejen Municipality.
  • Food & food processing industry: The Triangle Region is the home of Europe's largest cluster of companies in the stainless steel industry. Also, the food industry has been of great importance to our region since the formation of the Danish cooperative movement over 100 years ago. In Vejen Municipality we call us center for foodproduction weith companies as Danish Crown, Eurofins Steins, Skate Meat Packers, SB Pork, SPF Denmark and Aquapri.
  • Energy As the home of wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies and manufacturers of insulation, we have a strong sustainable energy legacy. E.g. the solar company Solar.
  • DesignIn the Triangle Region, we are leaders in design - from fashion to trends and developing creative solutions. E.g. the lamp factory Louis Poulsen Lightning.

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Vejen Municipality in The Triangle Region

Vejen Municipality is a strong businessplayer in The Triangle Region with positions of strenghts within Food & food processing industry and Trabnsport & Logistics.

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Close to everything - that increases job opportunities.

It is easy to come to and from Vejen Municipality - even to a job somewhere else. It is easy to commute by car by the motorway and the rail connections are good.

You can reach 360,000 workplaces within an hour's drive of Vejen Municipality. And if you drive for an hour and a quarter, you can even reach Aarhus.

Vejen has always benefited from its central location. From early times Hærvejen, the old drovers' road, and the Kongeå river meant that Vejen was one of the most enterprising areas in Denmark. Today, the railway and motorway ensure that Vejen is enjoying rapid development.

Many new companies are choosing Vejen Municipality as their base at present. Not only because of Vejen's central location but also because the municipality does everything it can to provide favourable conditions for the business community - and thus jobs for the municipality's citizens.

That's why Vejen is a strong choice - also for you.