Strong private business sector

Our foodindustry is good
The business sector in Vejen Municipality is built on a proud tradition in agriculture and crafts, although we also have got skilled companies in all industries, you can still sense our roots. Compared to other municipalities
Vejen Municipality has more small-scale businesses than other municipalities. We also have a greater number of entrepreneurs who establish healthy companies - in this respect we're actually among the best in the country.

  • 2.300 private businesses
  • 1.100 farms
  • 18.00 workplaces
  • 75% in the private sector
  • More than 25% are employed in the foodbudsiness

The two meat processing companies has recently been joined by Danish Crown. SPF is the world's largest transporter of live pigs, while COOP's dry goods distribution centre is neighbour to Agri-Norcold, which has built Northern Europe's largest cold storage facility in Vejen.

Meat processing is augmented by other food companies,  the Grønvang margarine factory , for example, and by knowledge-based research companies such as Eurofins Steins Laboratorium and Force Technology.