Anita saw opportunity in Vejen Municipality

Anita NielsAnita saw opportunity in Vejen Municipalityen moved to Vejen Municipality in 2008, where she founded her own baker's and confectioner's business, Kageriget. She is delighted to be an entrepreneur in Vejen Municipality.

Having completed her training as a baker and confectioner in Copenhagen, Anita wanted to start her own firm. She saw ample opportunity for a business in Jutland. "I was convinced there must be a market in Jutland as a Google search showed that no one there was offering designer wedding cakes. Surely I could develop a niche market with online sales of my wedding and celebration cakes. For I believe that I can do something that very few others can. There is plenty of opportunity in Jutland to grow, think new thoughts, gain influence and leave your mark on future development," says Anita.
Anita was looking for a central geographical location, and therefore considered Odense and the Triangle Region. With a business based on e-commerce and delivery throughout the country, it was also important that the location boasted a well-developed infrastructure with easy access to and from the town.

Chose Vejen Municipality
"I liked the idea of a relatively small town for my Internet-based speciality shop," says Anita. That the choice fell on Vejen Municipality was partly because of family ties to the area and, in particular, because of the interest and support she received from the former Business Centre, now Development Vejen.
"I'm very pleased that I moved to Vejen Municipality and started my business here. I see a huge opportunity for synergy in the present growth of food industry companies in Vejen Municipality, covering everything from mass-production companies to speciality firms. Working together with others would be a good way of expanding production and creating a broader showcase," says Anita, who is full of ideas, drive and confidence in the future.

A good place to start a business

Anita moved to Vejen Municipality and began her production in Kvickly's premises in Vejen. The business enjoyed a flying start and Anita quickly needed more space. The opportunity arose when a baker's shop in Holsted became available.
"I think Vejen Municipality was a good place to start an independent business. Not only because of all the help I've received but also because costs such as rent are relatively low. There aren't many places like Holsted where you can have combined production facilities and shop in the centre of town rather than on an industrial estate. It's a great way of having large-scale production while remaining visible in the local community," says Anita.

A dream comes true

Originally, Anita wanted to become a vet after leaving school. First, though, she travelled abroad, and worked in several places. Anita then decided she wanted to be a confectioner. Finding an apprenticeship proved difficult, however, so she started as a baker's apprentice in the Føtex bakery in Vejle. On completing her apprenticeship, Anita moved to Copenhagen to fulfil her dream of becoming a confectioner. She worked as a baker in a patisserie in the centre of Copenhagen, but gradually worked more and more as a confectioner. She had a flair for the delicate cakes and was quickly put in charge of all wedding cakes. She began a confectioner's apprenticeship and gained plenty of experience along the way. She was also given the honour of helping to make the wedding cake for the Crown Prince and Princess.

Interview held in February 2013