More than you might think

Vejen has more to offer than you might think

That's what Marit and Søren Lehmann have discovered. They moved to Vejen from Copenhagen in 2008 and were positively surprised by house prices.

"We've always known that we wanted a house and garden. And having spent five years in Kolding followed by five years in Copenhagen, we decided to move to either Funen or South Jutland, or maybe even return to Kolding. We had never really considered Vejen until we found our house on the Internet. Being a small town, we thought Vejen would be far too grey, boring and provincial," says Marit.

Like an oasis in the middle of everything
Nevertheless, Marit and Søren began doing a little research on Vejen. "We discovered we could get much more house for our money here. And Vejen actually has a perfect size, with two schools, many childcare facilities and plenty more besides. There's also a high school and business high school. That's a huge plus in my opinion," says Marit.

Thanks to the motorway and railway, Vejen enjoys a very central location, and jobs are available in any direction, full circle. That gives plenty of opportunities. "We can reach Kolding in 15 minutes, and it takes less than an hour to get to Esbjerg. We lived in Hvidovre before, and it took almost an hour in the car to reach the centre of Copenhagen. Here, though, we can get all the way to Aarhus in just over an hour," says Søren.

Cafés and culture
Søren comments on the opportunities in Vejen: "In everyday life, there's nothing we miss in relation to a larger town or city. What we sometimes miss are the cultural attractions and events in Copenhagen. But you can't get what's on offer in Copenhagen anywhere else. Kolding has more cafés, though. However, since the births of our two children, Mingus who's four and Malina, who'll soon be two, we haven't had so much time for café life."

The family enjoy visiting Cafe Diem in Vejen, though, which has an exciting play area for children. Marit also thinks Vejen Sports Centre is a wonderful place. She says: "There's always lots of activity at the sports centre, and sometimes we go there simply because the children think its a fun place to be. There's constantly something to watch and the opportunity to run about."

"It took a while to feel truly at home. But we've now gradually built up a circle of friends. And it's really nice that we usually meet someone we know when we're doing the shopping. You're more anonymous in Copenhagen and we had no friends in the area where we lived. At first, we weren't sure whether we wanted to stay. Now, however, we think Vejen's a great place to live and we have everything we need here," says Marit.

Interview held in February 2013